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New User but not new to having migraines

I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 17. I don't remember having them so often and I was lucky to have them once in a blue moon. When I was 27 I started having them daily, I was also roughly about 30 weeks pregnant and started having elevated bp up until 38 weeks when my OB decided they weren't going to wait any longer (I was never officially diagnosed with pre-eclampsia). My migraines persisted daily even after pregnancy. My PCP referred me to a neurologist bc he tried me on several different triptans that had no effect on the attacks. A year later we still have not found a regimen of preventative or abortive meds that work. I've been seen quite a handful of times in the emergency department for episodes lasting more than 4 days. I've been threatened by ED drs to be "red flagged" as a drug abuser (I' never been a drug user) bc when these attacks happen the only thing that helps is IV fluids Dilaudid and Reglan. Of course now a days you can't just say this is what helps without the drs looking at you like you have 6 heads. I've called my drs office before each trip and all they say is " If the pain is that bad go to the ER". I have an appt at the end of the month with a NP through my neurologists office but am on day 2 of an attack. Does anyone have any tips on how to make an ER trip less stressful?? It's horrible enough having these attacks but to feel like you're being attacked by the drs makes it that much worse.

  1. Hi Mommaof3boys,

    I'm so sorry for your rough experiences at the ER! I understand how bad that can be!

    We have few articles on the subject that you may want to talke a look at. This one talks about why we are often thought of as drug seekers:

    This article talks about having more success in the ER:

    In addition to the points in this article you may consider asking your doctor for a signed letter with your preferred treatment at the ER--I never leave home without this. Your dr may also be willing to give you a very small amount of at home "rescue" medicine so you may avoid having to go to the ER--may be worth it to ask.

    I hope this helps, and let us know if you have any more questions!
    Hope you feel better!


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