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NON-commercial app looks for help


I have cluster headaches and it disturbed my life a lot. For now, the cluster headaches are keeping me awake almost half a year right now.

Because of this I'm pushing forwards my project to build an app to make detailed registrations of my attacks and what I do to feel/get better, to get a good view on the rhythm of the attacks and severity.

I know there are a lot of app to registrate the attacks, but those I can't use to registrate my Magic Mushroom use, vitamin D intake, if I have a therapy, If I drink Coffee or If I'm running for an hour. I can mainly registrer an attack with all its details and medicine use, not all I do to feel better.

Other problem with a lot of apps is that it shows the data in a agenda. I do see some information looking at the agenda but have now clear view on how many attacks, when during the day, how severe. I need to open every day seperately to see what happend.
I also have problems using other apps because I need to fill in a list of things when I have an attack. This seems logic, but if I have an attack, I can only press a button and thats it. I have no energy to fill it in later.....or I already have the next attack.

So I'm making a very simple app

A dashboard were you can add buttons. A button for a Cluster attack, one for Migraine attack, one for normal headaches. I also have buttons for different kind of medicines, alternative medicines, food and drink, minerals and vitamins and activities.

From the dashboard of the app you can load the buttons you want to use to registrate what is important for you.

If you press a button on the dashboard, a registration is made in the history of the app with name of the button, date and time.

This way we have a very simple way to registrate a lot of things, just pressing one button.

All these registrations will be shown (hopefully in version 2 of the app) on a timeline instead of an agenda. Giving us more view on what we did to get rid of our headaches and feel better.

<i>This is a non-commercial setup and I would like to offer the App to everybody for free.
I just hoop that I can contribute a bit to the solution with my idea</i>

But I need help, volunteers

We all know how life is with to many headaches, shit. So I only have a limited amount of energy. Thats why I ask here to see if there are people that can help.

We need some people that want to test the app before it goes life, just to see if we didn't make mistakes and to see if all works good on different kinds of telephones.

We could use someone that can check all text that is written. You've been reading this email and for sure, you have seen some mistakes. Would be nice if I can send a text like this and get it back in perfect understandable english

And meaby there are people that know how to build apps. We build with Ionic and Phonegap. We need someone that can change our registrations in to a good timeline.

We hope to get the first version online somewere next week. I hope you will enjoy the use of it and send me a message if you do.

  1. I hope there are people who like the project.

    If yoiu do, just sign-in on being a tester for the app. Easiest way to help us get the app bug free.

    1. We just added some first screenshots of the app to our website to show people how the app will be working. We only have to finish the function to send the collected data to your email. If we have that done we will inform our group of testers to try out the app.

        1. How do we sign on? What's the website address?

          or create an account to reply.