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Not entirely sure on the Migraine Type


I'm a 15 year old boy (yes, I know 15) and I am suffering from what it looks like to be Aura migraines. I remember the first time I got an aura migraine 2 years ago and had them frequently. Usually I have them around once or twice a week. Then all of a sudden it just stopped for a year and a half. No aura at all and then one day which was three days ago, it just popped up out of nowhere and now I've got two aura migraines in three days. They are really annoying but I believe I am starting to control the severity of the migraines. It firs starts out with flashing lights in a small part of my eye, zigzag lines, then it spreads out, and then it's gone. Then I have to deal with the migraine that comes after. Is there any explanation? Is this normal for aura migraine or any other type of migraine sufferers?

  1. Yes, the visual aura usually lasts a short period before the other migraine symptoms come on. Migraine attacks are cyclical for a lot of people -- they have them for a while, then they stop for a while, then they come back.

    It's best to see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment. There are very effective migraine abortive medications. You take them as soon as the aura comes on and they can stop the migraine completely for some people.

    I wish you the best in getting treatment. There are lots of options and there's no reason you should have to suffer through a migraine attack without good treatment.


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