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Not sure what kind it is.

I'm 15 and for the past couple of years I've been having these migraines that just won't stop. I don't know what kind it is but the migraine starts when I'm in complete silence, like a classroom or my own house and there's no noise what so ever. It starts off as a pounding in the back of my head and then progresses to the top of my head and a very loud ringing in my ears. Often times it'll come about right before I go to sleep and it's dead silence (Though lately I've been keeping a fan on for some noise) so just before I sleep the migraine will start. Along with the pounding in the head and ringing ears is my vision becomes really bad or at least I can't shut my eyes without seeing dots or swirls that move really fast, they're black and white too. And when I try to dream or listen to music even the voices become looped and fast but slow at the same time. Normally I take a migraine pill and listen to people talking, I don't know why but when people talk the migraine goes away to a certain extent. I can't seem to find an answer from where I've looked or from the people who have had constant migraines too. My mom has a theory that since I literally never talked to anyone in middle school and just listened to conversations that it's become an irritation to my brain to just have silence. Again I dunno but I guess I just wanted some advice maybe or a guess at what kind it might be, because it's getting harder to get rid of them.

  1. I'm sorry that you're having this issue, having suffered with a chronic migraine from a similar age I can empathize a little bit with you.

    It's probably worthwhile speaking with a doctor about this (not sure if you have) and if he can't help, trying to get a referral to see someone who specializes in this area. To the best of my knowledge, no one on this website is qualified to diagnose, and anything anyone could say would be at best speculation.
    Your best option is to seek real medical advice from a qualified expert. - try this link, it'll give you some idea about how to go about finding out more about your condition.

    1. Rieley,
      A very good friend of mine has a similar issue. As soon as the visual aura starts, she needs someone to talk to her until her meds kick in. For her, there is something comforting about having talk to her and be with her.

      Have you ever had your hearing checked? Since you get the ringing in your ears, I thought it may be helpful to check it out. Here's a great article about tinnitus in Migraineurs:

      Ringing in the ears and double vision can be a sign of Basilar Type Migraines. I'm not a doctor so I'm not diagnosing you, but your symptoms sound very similar. You should talk to your doctor about it:

      I wish you the best!

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