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Occipital Nerve Ablation

I suffer from HM and, had an occipital nerve ablation on both sides. They did all the tests before the burn it worked wonderfully last year when they burned just the right side. I recovered quickly on the right sideburns. This time it is taking longer to recover on the left side. It feels like the pain is locked in. The Dr. says give it one more week. Has anyone had this happen?

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  1. Hi ,

    First let me say I'm sorry we haven't answered your question. It's been over a month since you posted and I hope you are feeling better.

    I've not had that procedure done, so don't have any first hand knowledge to share with you.

    Will you let me know how you are doing?
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. The occipital nerve ablation did work. I'm so grateful. I live in the Reno NV basin. Between all the smoke from the surrounding fires and the wacky weather. I know from the past, I would be in the hospital without the procedure.

      I still have to take daily and monthly medications.

      When I need to take the emergency medication it works better. I also don't need it as often.

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