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Ocular Migraine?

I've been having these strange vision problems since 2016. Doctors have checked my brain and my eyes but hasn't found anything. It started with the typical ocular migraine symptoms with zigzag flashing lines. but the last year, vision just becomes brighter and unfocused. It only last a couple of minutes and it comes without a warning. It's only my left eye thats affected. It happens twice a month. Does anyone recognize this? I've tried to make an image in photoshop of what it looks like. Sometimes the lights shimmer.

  1. this is very similar to what my auras and ocular migraines look like. I’ve always described mine as bright white. Like when you pass out a person sees black closing in around them. My migraines are like that except it’s very shimmer bright white that closes in.

    1. Thank you for the reply! I don't get headache after, it's just the bright vision. That's why i wonder if it really is migraine. When i read about auras it is usually described with blind spots and zigzag pattern.

      1. Hi tommytuffing,

        It is possible to have a migraine attack without the headache phase. When we have a migraine attack without the headache phase it may be a silent or acephalgic migraine attack. This link has many articles on this that may be helpful;

        I hope this helps!

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