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Does anyone with ocular migraine sweat profusely?

Hi I have suffered ocular migraine for approx 5 years,and it is getting worse, sometimes daily sometimes worse than others. the last episode was 2 days ago I started with the usual kaleidoscope effect then hot with perspiration all over my body soaking me,I was incoherent could not speak or or move. This has frightened me to the point of worrying in case this happens when I go out. i have seen a neurologist who diagnosed the condition and have been on medication beginning with Z (cannot remember full name) is this a normal symptom, or should I return to my doctor. I do not suffer with blood pressure.

  1. Change in migraine should be discussed with your DR. Don't wait it could be very important.

    1. Thank you Luna I have made the appointment

  2. You could be having hemiplegic migraines, now. they act like a stroke, don't know if they truly know what causes them. Just don't take a triptan , as these can make it worse. Talk to your doc. I have had these, plus regular migraines for the last 44 years.
    For just ocular migraine with no other symptoms, I go to the pain clinic for an injection just over the affected eye. Good luck.

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