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Does anyone experience short term memory loss?

I suffer with severe chronic migraines and there are some points during the day when I have a really bad migraine that I'll forget something I did less than a minute ago. Like turning the brightness up on my TV (I turn it down when I have a bad pain or at night). I'll turn it up, do something or think about something and then 20 seconds later I'll try to turn it up again and realise I already have. Does this happen to anyone else? Is it something to worry about? The part I'm worried about is that I have absolutely no recollection of doing it, when it happened less than a minute ago. There's also times I'll be talking to my mum, bring a topic up and then a while later, bring up the same topic and not remember talking about it.

  1. Thanks for your question. Many living with migraine experience migraine brain. As you wait for possible feedback from the community regarding their experiences, I thought you might find this article helpful to review - Should this be a new or worsening symptom as always be sure to discuss with your doctor. Take good care & always feel free to reach out.

    1. I have migraine and take amitryptaline to prevent them. My memory is really bad it really upsets me at times. I was convinced that it was the medication but either way i do suffer with short term memory loss

      1. Hi dean7210,

        I deal with short memory loss too. I neve knew really what it was from but now, being part of the community, I have some clues. Migaine seems to affect my short term memory. But I,ve come to a point thinking that it is what it is. I don't fight it anymore, as it makes it worse. And none of us need that stress.

        These are great articles that Joanna shared. Some great ideas. What a great series. Definitely worth the read. But try not to be too hard on yourself. You have talents I'm sure that are not affected by the "Migraine Brain".

        1. I have severe memory loss. I even forget what I am saying mid sentence. It is scary. Even daily things like brushing my teeth I have forgotten. I have daily migraines and I have not had a migraine free day since 2015. My memory is always blurry. It is another frustrating part of my condition.

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