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Olanzapine for migraines?

Hi all,

I was prescribed olanzapine for my migraines,after reading what it was for I found out it was an anti psychotic medicine, which made me wonder. Has anyone tried this? I've had a headache for 13 days now and not sure if I should return to the ER or what?

  1. That's a relatively new treatment for refractory migraine. I did find one study that suggested its use for patients who have failed other preventives.

    Having a migraine for more than 72 hours is cause for concern and should be checked out. Do you have a headache specialist you can consult? This would be the right kind of doctor to evaluate your pain, provide an accurate diagnosis, and offer appropriate treatment.

    Whenever I have a long-lasting migraine or one that keeps returning, I call my headache specialist and get his advice on how to proceed. Sometimes it's a med change or an extra consult. Sometimes the solution is the ER or an inpatient stay. Every time is a bit different. The important thing it to not let it continue. You need help to break this cycle.


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