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Oxygen to treat migraine

Listen carefully.....You can buy rescue Oxygen with a regulator that goes up to 25L/min. At 8-15 L/min a migraine should greatly improve or go away altogether after 5 min. You have to hyperventilate. I prefer to remove the mask and inhale off the hose and exhale thru your nose. 75% of people I know that tried this have a positive response.

Life Corportation sells the oxygen.

  1. Hi Georgefelix,

    Thank you for that information. Oxygen can be used for cluster headache
    and has shown to be effective- and there is now some indication it may help migraine.


    1. Well, I'm not the only one, then. A doctor friend recommended to try oxygen, because I related that strenuous exercise, especially walking at altitude seemed to trigger my migraines.

      In NZ the gas companies have sown up the market so tight I was unable to obtain oxygen affordably, so he recommended I try just hyperventilating. To my great surprise it works for the majority of my attacks and I now use Rizamelt a lot less.

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