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Does anyone get palpitations or ectopic heartbeats with their migraine?

I have daily vestibular migraines and sometimes I also get ectopic heartbeats. They first started when my migraines began and think there is a direct link. It would put my mind at ease if anyone else has had these palpitations with their migraine or has been told by a doctor that palpitations can be a migraine symptom or that migraines can cause palpitations. Anyone?

  1. Hi Kayeff,

    I’ve not had this problem, but that doesn’t mean others don’t. Recently a study was released about migraine with aura and irregular heartbeat you can read here:

    I hope this helps,

    1. Hi thanks for the article..I am also having these palpitations n heart beat as fast 112
      The doctor thinks these are panic attacks but she also gave me diltiazem.hcl for this....
      While I've noticed they started after I once n last time took sumatriptan
      N felt.that they're related to.migraine..

      1. Yes, but because I also have anxiety/depression I’m not sure what triggers what. Like the chicken and egg really. Anyway Dr gave me Deralin (propranolol)
        because that med is also supposed to help with migraine prevention. Still get migraine but the palpitations and weird heart beats etc have stopped

        1. Yes and have been for years .I often get them before a migraine and if I'm having a spate of migraines that can last days or weeks it will always be accompanied by heart palpitations. I am certain they are both connected.

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