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Partner not understanding

I don’t live with my Boyfriend but he comes here a lot. He says he understands. But he gets mad when I get a miragrane and just doesn’t come around till it’s better. Anyone else have this problem?

  1. I have absolutely NO support around me! People think just because my condition isn't cancer, that it doesn't count, or I don't suffer! I'd say he needs to care a little more, or he's not good enough for you babe!! Have a chat with him so he knows how that makes you feel: you deserve better!!
    Sorry, just my opinion. Good luck, I hope everything works out with you!

    1. My partner is also like that. He tells me that it's okay but gets mad when I ask him to massage me in the head.

      1. My partner is very understanding in this situation. He takes care of me a lot whenever I get a migraine.

        1. My boyfriend who i live with suffers daily migraines and is frankly horrid and verbally abusive at times. Perhaps he feels he gets the brunt of it and prefers to stay away rather than risk an argument?

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