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People who only have "really bad headaches", just don't get it.

I'm sorry, can I please just vent for a second? My twin sister is driving me insane. She has anxiety about a throw up phobia and "stomach aches" because all she eats is garbage, and no protein. I admit, like her, I struggled with managing my migraines last year. However, for the past two months, since my migraines returned, I'm making a sincere effort by taking my meds daily, eating better, (I'm trying to stay skinny because I am sedentary, and can't walk without the use of a walker), and I'm staying hydrated. I'm not exaggerating, almost every day, I hear, "I don't feel good", "I'm scared I'm going to be sick", and "my stomach feels full". My mom tells her to eat better, but she just doesn't. I know from what I just said about me last year, I've got no room to talk, but it is just that annoying and frustrating. Yesterday, she was crying in bed because of a cold. I know they can be bad, but we all know, we have an been through much worse. The other night, she said she had a terrible headache. Okay, that I understand. Five minutes later, we were home, and I said, "How's your headache?" What did she say, you might be wondering to yourself? "Oh, it's gone". Lucky her

  1. Hi kstout135,

    Vent away - no worries! Did it help?

    I understand how frustrating it is to see others complain when we are sick. I can tell you not everyone has the same pain tolerance and experience illness differently. I'm not sure that will help...

    Hang in there!

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