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Are Tension-Type Headaches really just undiagnosed Cervicogenic Headaches?

Cervicogenic Headaches are referred head pain due to separate problem with the structures of the neck. For example, poor body mechanics can cause us to misuse our muscles. The pain gets referred up to the head and we get a headache...or maybe it even triggers a migraine attack. Problems with vertebral misalignment, degeneration of discs or vertebrae, and bulging or ruptured discs can all be a cause of a Cervicogenic headache. Once the problem is corrected (if it can be) then the headaches will disappear.

So I wonder...
How many times do people think they are having a Tension-Type Headache when really the problem is in their neck? After all, we all know people whose headaches got better after physical therapy or chiropractic treatment. Could it be that they were correcting the cause of a Cervicogenic Headache?

I'm really intrigued by this idea and look forward to your responses.

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