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Peri-menopause, migraine or both

I just watch a video here about losing words and migraine. I do this a lot. I put it down to peri-menopause. It does get worse tho when I am in the middle of an attack. And the pain doesn't need to be that bad for this to happen. Anybody else get confused about the two? Anything that can be done about this or improve/prevent the slurring/forgetting words from happening?

  1. Hi there , Thanks for reaching out and for your question! As you wait for possible feedback from the community I thought I'd share an article which one of our contributor's shares some tips working these deficits - We sure understand how challenging it be to manage these symptoms and so sorry you experience this. Wishing you a good night. -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Thank you Joanne. I'll read the article.

      1. Hi Ronan, Yes, I suffer from this, sometimes for the whole day following the attack. It can be embarrassing, I know. My doctor suggested trying to spell the word and that often helps. If I can get the first letter I can often get the rest. A sense of humour helps, as it can be quite funny sometimes. My husband sometimes tries to guess the word, which is not always helpful 😀 I also have Fibromyalgia, which can cause this, and sufferers call it Brain Fog. I agree that the brain fog and the pain of the migraine do not correlate at all. Best wishes, Helen, Down Under

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