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Photo journal/diary

I'm so frustrated in trying to make doctors understand my migraines. So, I've started a photo diary which goes along with my headache diary. I want doctors to SEE the physical changes- eye droopiness, swelling, red facial flushing, etc. Has anyone else ever done this so your doctor could have this to look at? I feel like I've totally lost my mind, but geez I'm tired of explaining just the physical changes not to mention the pain, auras, etc.

  1. That is a great idea! I might need to try that. The tough part is some of our symptoms can't be seen so it's difficult to capture that.

    1. Great idea, but having a camera flash in my eyes during a migraine would near kill me. My best advice is head to the doctor while you're having a migraine, as tough as that can be. Finally did that myself years ago after going through several docs who just issued pain meds. He was a migraine specialist who suffered migraines himself, but still didn't think I was having them. When I walked/stumbled in the staff immediately rushed me to his private dark room and that's when I had my first injection of Imitrex. 45 minutes later I was able to walk out, with a smile at that!

      1. A couple of days ago I decided to see if their was an app available for tracking my migraines, meds taken, possible triggers, etc. I found Headache Diary Pro by Delayer Team. It is free and downloaded to my Kindle Fire very quickly. This the first time I have felt like all of my migraine factors are recorded and it's very easy to use. The app allows you to view charts and grafts to see the time of day; day of week; severity of pain; meds taken and what effect they had - if any. You can also print or email the info so your doctor can review it. Hope this helps you as much as it's helping me.

        1. Hi Katie,

          Thanks for sharing that information with us, Katie. I will have to check that out!!


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