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Physical Therapy

Many people who have migraines may actually be experiencing CERVICOGENIC HEADACHES. In fact, this is found to be a misdiagnosis very often. A physical therapist can help treat and eliminate cervicogenic headaches. Here is a short power point explaining it:

  1. Hi Dutchpt123 - Thanks so much for sharing. We also have information on cervicogenic headaches on the site here: (Physical therapy is one of a few possible treatments)

    1. Hi Dutchpt123,

      I've had these kinds of headaches. Personally I know they are not migraines as I do not suffer my other typical migraine symptoms such as light sensitivity or fatigue, and my dr has located the trigger points. Sometimes they can lead to migraines with me, and so if someone has any confusion of to which type it's helpful to note any other symptoms and discuss with their doctor.

      Thanks for sharing!

      1. Physical Therapy was mixed for me. The loosening of my shoulders along with upper back strengthening exercises was helpful. The manipulation of my neck and occipital muscles and nerves made my headache worse.

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