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I've had pounding headache for a very long time now. It comes and it goes and though there are times I have auras, there are also times I just get it randomly. Last year I used D'OXYVA to help me with it and it did work. For a while I didn't have migraine so I stopped using it as well. A few months ago I started having migraines again so I decided to have the therapy again. It took me a while to order but then last month it got so worse, so I started using doxyva. It really helped me with controlling my headache and it's been pretty awesome so far. I just thought of sharing this with you guys.

  1. Hi connielutz,

    Good to hear!! Thank you for sharing what is working for you.


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      1. have any of you tried lighting products for your migraines? What have you tried? Have you tried

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