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Preventatives and MOH

Hi everyone-

I have suffered from migraines for about 20 years, however, it has only been the past 2.5-3 years that they have been chronic. I have been seeing a neurologist for 2+ years and have been trying to find a preventative treatment that works for me. Thus far I have tried: topiramate, propranolol, cymbalta, verapamil, gabapentin, nortryptyline, botox, lamotrigine, Clonazepam, and amitriptyline, at various times and in combinations of up to 4 at a time. Nothing has been very successful and I still have ~25 headaches/month.

As for abortive meds, I have Relpax, imitrex injectables, fioricet, and indomethacin. I generally take either indomethacin or Relpax as the initial treatment when I feel a migraine coming on, and try to rotate. However, I still end up taking *something* nearly everyday.

My question is this: has anyone found a way to prevent MOHs while trying to find a successful preventative routine? I hate taking abortive so often, but I also need to be able to function as I am a single, full-time employed 33 year old without a large support system nearby.

Thank you all for sharing and supporting each other on here. I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me.


  1. Hi, I'm in Uk and been lifelong sufferer of migraine, have been unable to try a lot of the medication you speak of because I have problems with my stomach and taking tablets at all so had to use soluble pain relief because tablets would just make me sick and never stayed down long enough to give any relief from the pain, I now have mostly daily head pain and found the good old Beechams Powders will stay down and give some relief from the pain often within 20 minutes but still feel foggy and zombie like but this has become a way of life. the one and only time I was ever free of migraine was while taking an anti-inflammatory tablet called voltarol which was for acheing painful limbs at the time, they never made me sick and never had a migraine for the 8 months of taking them, however these are not prescribed for migraine and don't know if they are still available, but for 8 months I felt great, went out, my home as immaculate and everything was getting done it was fantastic so when I had to stop the tablets and the migraines returned it was so very depressing. Don't know how you are managing to work although saying that I did it myself even though it was a terrible struggle. From all this I can only suggest you try some kind of anti inflammatory but its getting someone to prescribe it. don't like advising people to take things but if you are not taking anything at the moment maybe try Beechams Powders which must contain anti inflammatory because it helps me cope, Also hope anyone doing clinical trials will read this and maybe try out Voltarol or similar i would have stayed on them forever if I could get them.

    1. I think I am in the same boat. I would like to know if you have found any alternative treatments since you last posted. I am not looking forwards to being without my meds and going through withdrawal.

      1. For MOH I have tried dexamethasone and while it doesn't help with the initial migraine it can stop rebound ones. For me it works 50% of the time but I also cant take it all the time because it is a steroid and I have heart issues

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