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Preventitive treatment

Has anyone had any success with Preventitive treatments to reduce the number and severity of your migraines? If so which Preventitives

  1. You might want to check the prevention medications section of this forum.

    Personally I've only tried Topamax. It made my migraines less severe, but no less frequent. And I hated the side effects (foggy head).

    1. The house could be on fire and I would be like "oh its burning, I guess I should get out." Let me get something to do while I wait for them to put it out. Topamax kept me in a fog! My child was also on it for seizures and his brain was only operating at 40%. We spent 2 weeks in the epilepsy center where they ran all kinds of tests on him. He hand regressed in school. He could not read and was going into the 4th grade. He was still at a kindergarten reading level. We took him off that and depakote and he improved greatly. I did not notice that they helped my migraines at all.

      1. I just got off of Lamotrigine now on Verapamil HCI 180mg, has anyone used it before?
        Thanks 😀

        1. 1lafson:
          I was on Verapamil 180mg for 6 months until I took myself off of it because it had no effect on the migraines whatsoever.

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