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Pricing Relpax

I got a prescription for Relpax yesterday, my first one (after other triptans have worked, then stopped). We decided to start with six pills, because it's expensive, and we don't know if it will work. Doc says the generic isn't available yet. Says to sign up for the coupon on-line. Says that the prices among pharmacies vary greatly, so I should then call all the pharmacies to see what my copay would be, telling them my insurance company and that I have the coupon. Says that some will say that they can't do that, but they can.

I AM SO FRUSTRATED!! None of the pharmacies will tell me anything. I found a website that will actually tell me what the price is at various local pharmacies with the coupon (but of course, not my out-of-pocket, because it doesn't know my insurance). It turns out that the generic IS available! The price for the non-generic is high everywhere; the price for the generic varies all over. BUT, because he said it wasn't out yet, I didn't have the discussion I normally would have with the doc about is the generic satisfactory.

It's Friday, so what's likely to happen is that the insurance is going to say that if I want anything but the generic, it needs to be pre-authorized, which cannot, of course, happen before Monday. (Maybe it will even say that if I get the generic . . . .) One good thing is that the lowest price for the generic is amazingly at my usual pharmacy!!

Crossing my fingers . . . .

  1. I feel your frustration and am going through similar circumstances. My employer changed insurance so I went from getting as many, of course with a copay each time, Relpax per month as needed, to trying to navigate a Prior Auth, in advance, but my doctor's office is inept at handling a request. Here are some tips as I recently resigned from my job because I could no longer work the newly required hours.

    Contact Relpax (Pfizer) 866-706-2400

    They have several programs available to help.

    1) You can get a Copay card, but it is limited to use once every month and they limit the amount it will cover. I used to use mine in conjunction with my insurance, but don't know the best way to use it. Now that I need a Prior Auth, I just get what is allowed. Last week, I received 2 40mg Relpax brand tablets for a $4.00 copay. Again, one can only use this once a month or once every 21 days. I go through enormous amounts of Relpax monthly. It states on the card what the max dollar amount is that it will cover. I can't find my card, but it's on file with my pharmacy. I believe it is between 100.00 and 150.00 monthly, which for me equaled only 2 pills. 2 pills are better than no pills.

    2) Depending on your income, you may qualify for the Patient Assistance Program through Pfizer to help get more Relpax than what your insurance will allow. I'm currently applying for this, but again waiting for my doctor..... they have to sign the paperwork and fax it.

    3) % off Savings Card, but my understanding is that if one has insurance, then this is not an option for them.

    Yes, generic recently came out, but at the current time it is very expensive. Call around to different pharmacies. Have them give you the price of one Relpax tablet at the mg required. Have them give you a cost for brand and then generic, both with no insurance. This is what I have had to do to while waiting for a Prior Auth. Walgreen's is very expensive. I checked with some other pharmacies and found that one, through a grocery store, will apply a discount of theirs for people purchasing RX's with no insurance.

    Then there is the mail order option, but I think this could require a Prior Auth, but it's worth inquiring through your insurance.

    I hope this helps.

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