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Printable information re chronic/constant migraine?

Do you know of printable information RE chronic/constant migraine (with aura)?

Once again I was told yesterday, by a retired career nurse even, that it's just hard for anyone to believe that someone can get a migraine every day. I once again told her that in my case, it never goes away, it is with me 24/7 -- and it is a matter of degrees for any particular moment in time. When people have them occasionally, the pain is like being knocked down from being hit with it anew occasionally. However, It is my never-ending state-of-being because I live with it all day, every single day, and there is no start or stop, just a volume level, as it were. I know I can't get anyone to believe what they've already judged, but perhaps a brief bit of printable information that I could give someone wanting to understand might be helpful?

  1. Hi there Holly H.,
    Nice hearing from you and thank you for your question. I am so sorry that you are not receiving the support and validation that you deserve for the daily pain that you live with. This is very discouraging to hear.

    We do have a few articles you may find useful to share/print that I have copied below which discusses chronic daily headache (CDH):
    The headache that never ends
    New Daily Persistent Headache – What’s Known About It?
    Chronic migraine or something else?

    I hope you find some of these resources useful.
    Take good care,
    Joanna ( Team)

    1. Thanks, Joanna. You do so much for our community -- I appreciate you!

  2. Holly, print this: I, too, have suffered daily, unrelenting migraine. I woke one morning with a headache that would not go away. the pain level went up and down, but was never gone.
    I vomited once. I fainted once. 10 weeks later it went away for three days. Then it came back and was with me for most days of the following year. This was seven years ago. It's been a long road since then, but I am happy to report that with thyroid treatment, blood sugar management, and lots of great preventative therapies, I am now episodic - experiencing an average of less than one a week.
    Best regards for good health and validating migraine awareness!
    Maureen in Delaware who gets treatment at the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia, where lots of other patients who have unrelenting, intractable, chronic migraine are treated... even if people find that hard to believe!

    1. Thanks, Maureen... I will add it to my page of info that I am gathering!

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