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Prodrome Symptom

Silly question, but has anyone else noticed an increased loss of eyelashes for a couple days before the onset of a migraine? Bizarre, I know. I'll get what I call warning flashes (like a strobe going off), the mood changes, and I'll start noticing eyelashes falling out like crazy. I'll lose 3-4 in the shower, then a couple more during the day.

  1. SC_DB8EDC38FEB6DFA1BAAC72843B0A6606 - Losing eyelashes isn't a typical Migraine symptom. That said, there are many comorbidities and triggers that might come into play here. Low thyroid levels result in hair loss and are a frequent Migraine trigger for many. So are some autoimmune diseases. Have you talked to your regular doctor about your symptoms?

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