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Radiofrequency ablation experiences?

Hi all,

I have recently been considering radiofrequency ablation for cervicogenic migraines, and am hoping to hear from folks who have done it about their experiences (or if you decided not to, why not.) I am hopeful but also concerned because I've read that it can lead to longer term nerve damage and increased pain (I'm only 30, and don't want to take a quick fix that will make me miserable when I'm 50.)

Thanks in advance!

  1. Thanks so much for chiming in with such an important question. Here is some information we have from community members who have pursued this procedure. Please take a look at the comment section that follows each piece as there is good feedback there as well:
    Hope these assist you in gaining some insight and perspective and that others of our community members will share their experiences here as well. Glad you're with us! Warmly- Holly team.

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