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Really bad headaches at the back of my head bottom of skull top of neck

What could this be?

  1. Hi there , I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing headaches. That is super frustrating, and so many people here in the community can relate. Unfortunately, given the information provided, there are a lot of potential causes as to what might be going on. Have you ever seen a doctor about this head pain that you're having, such as your primary care provider or a neurologist (if you have one)? They would be able to get a total medical history from you, and help give you the most accurate information as to what might be going on. Warmly, - Cody (Team Member)

    1. When I was suffering with the type of pain you describe I was shown neck stretches by a physiotherapist which helped. They weren’t comfortable to do but they improved things and I do them now as soon as I feel this type of headache starting. In my case it was extremely stiff muscles in that area of my body which was causing me the constant pain. But as Cody mentioned, yours may have another cause. Hope you find some answers.

      1. thank you for the link. I’ve had a look. There are a few additional ones on there that I haven’t been shown so I will certainly try them. To anyone else reading this post I would like to add that even if you don’t have the energy to get past the initial stretches you will still find some benefit from them if your migraine is associated with muscle stiffness.
        I also found along with the stretches I might have a cup of tea with some caffeine which is a natural pain killer, some ginger which is an anti inflammatory and some magnesium which is a muscle relaxant. One or all of these things has been helpful for me depending on the cause of the pain.

      2. Thank you for sharing this information. I use stretching as a way to thwart migraine from muscle stiffness as well as the other options you mention as therapy such as a muscle relaxant and tea/ginger. They have been a great help when other options fail to improve my pain. Rebecca (community moderator)

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