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Has anyone "recovered" from migraine?

Maybe "in remission" feels more appropriate to you if it is the case. I'm just wondering if life after migraine is really possible. Though, anyone "cured" probably is not on this forum.

  1. Hi there , Nice hearing from you. Well, as you likely are already aware, that currently there is no scientific cure for migraine. 🙁 Migraine patterns & severity can improve for some over time. For example, some females after menopause may begin noticing a significant decrease. Have you been able to find any therapies/treatments to provide you with relief?
    Let's sure hope we see a cure in our lifetime! Again, great hearing from you & thank you for being here to share your support.

    1. Indeed. Hence "cured" in quotation marks. (:

      I think "remission" would be the suitable word.

      So, far I have found little theraputic benefit in any treatment.

      The most relief I ever get during an attack is to take something that puts me to sleep.

      Understanding each person's experiemce will be unique, still,I was hoping to read some "remission" tales to give me hope.

      Thanks for the ongoing support!

      1. I would alao like to hear from anyone who has managed to recover enough to live properly. I have had constant vestibular migraine for over 2 years and am bedbound every day. I have found no relief from diet, lifestyle changes, or the 4 different preventative meds i tried. I am waiting to see a headache specialist to be considered for botox. This condition is so debilitating and depressing, and i desperately hope i will not have to live like this indefinitely.

        1. Thanks for sharing. It is a tough situation you are in.
          May you find relief.

      2. I have them and in talking to friend who had them she said they stopped after menopause. She gets Occular without pain though.

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