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Restoring My Relationship With My Wife

We have been married for 53 years. My wife has grown distant since migraine disease started 13 going on 14 years. I suffer 24/7. My wife is an RN in Geriatric Behavior Health Unit. She has told me that she deals with constant complaints of pain for 12 hours and doesn't want to hear it at home. My life has been destroyed by constant pain.

  1. Hi, grog. Welcome. I'm sorry to hear about your chronic migraines, and most especially about the strain it's causing in your marriage. While we wait for some of our married members to offer their perspective, I thought you might appreciate these articles about managing relationships and migraine:

    I imagine your wife is under constant pressure as a nurse, especially this year. Have you ever seen a counselor? Counseling is an excellent resource for all kinds of situations, and it doesn't mean your marriage is in trouble. Even the healthiest marriage has room to improve and grow.

    Please know that we are always here to listen and support you. We certainly understand how hard it is to be in constant pain and to feel disconnected from loved ones. Sending a hug your way! -Melissa, team

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