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Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)


This is my first post here. A quick background on my history is I've been suffering with migraines ever since Middle school age (now would be over 20 years). They seem to go in cycles they go away for a while then come back for long time. I used to get some relief from ice packs and sleeping them off but that doesnt help anymore. Anyway, I tried gabapentin a few years back and it helped but then I was taken off of it. Well fast forward to now and I had to go. Ack to the neurologist to try and get some relief.
So I was put on gabapentin again first 300mg, then 600mg, and I was getting more migraines on it so they stopped me on it.
I have tried Imitrex, and Relpax which helped at first but theb the migraines returned the next day without fail every time. Now I take zomig with an aleve and it helps knock out the headache.

Anyway, sorry for the long intro (tried to keep it brief). I just saw the dr this week and she wanted to give me topamax But I dont want to take that for personal reasons.

I will mention I take 400mg of magnesium every day. When I first taking it it helped with the the migraines but it doesnt seem to help anymore. So fast forward to now - the dr suggested Vitamin B2.
She said 50mg once a day, but My main question is, is this enough for this purpose? I guess it is worth a try but I was reading about it and it seems everything I read says that 400mg is the reccomended amount that helps. So I'm just wondering if anyone has tried it. And if you think 50mg is enough? I'm not sure!

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  1. I take both magnesium and 400 mg of B2 every day. I went on those at the same time as a bunch of other stuff, so I can't really be sure what had an effect. 400 mg of B-2 was what my neuro recommended, but this was in addition to two preventative drugs (at the time, Zonisimide, which is similar to Topomax, but I was eventually switched to Topomax, plus Nortriptyline). Now I also take a third preventative, an extended-release gabapentin, at 1800 mg per day.

    There are LOTS of preventatives you can take. You mention you don't want to take Topomax, and that's fine, but know there are others, beta blockers, for instance, and anti-depressants that are also sometimes effective. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes it takes 2-3 months to get an idea whether a drug is going to work out, and to titrate up to an effective dose.

    Additionally, there may be ways of avoiding triggers. Have you been able to identify what triggers your migraines? Have you read about food triggers and tried an elimination diet to see if that provides any relief in your headache pattern?

    1. My first Neuro recommended 400mg B2 a day along with Mg. I have forgotten how much so thank you! I need to bump it up, maybe that is why I'm having migraines a couple of times a week. 😛 Sadly, I've lost my doctor and need to find another. I don't know why, but it seems rather depressing to go through all that again.

      1. Thank you for the replies. i'm still curious about this so I asked the Nurse and she called me back today but I missed it :/ so tomorrow I'm going to return her call. I can post an update if anyone following this is interested 😀

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