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Hermetic Life: the only solution?

Since withdrawing to home, like so many, the past two years, the frequency of migraine symptoms has dropped dramatically. I was also ill for five weeks with the very thing that had most of us at home. During those weeks I slept almost 24/7. Despite being very ill, I was free of migraine symptoms during those weeks. It seems now each time I do leave the house for any extended period, I end up with severe migraine symptoms. Is anyone else finding their own home is the only migraine “safe space”?

  1. Indeed. I really relate and am glad you shared. I'm sorry you fell so ill, and how interesting that that window of time presented a break from migraine! I wanted to share with you a couple of resources on the topics you raise- first, this- on the issue of being home and finding respite in being introverted:
    And second, on the importance of home- because it is a space we can control:
    I wonder if these pieces will resonate with you? Warmly- Holly ( team).

    1. thank you for the links

  2. So glad to hear you made it through, glassmind. <3 -Melissa, team

    1. That is exactly how I feel. I rarely leave the house. I prefer to stay in my studio and create, when my body allows of course. I don’t have any decrease in migraines, however. And my other pain issues are only worse. I know I need to exercise, but have no motivation at all. Take care, hope we can both “ break “ out, Warmly, Linda

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