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Seizure-like episodes in aura?

I have been getting seizure like episodes before a migraine the last 2 weeks. I get paralysis of one side of my face with drooping, slurred speech, severe dizziness, and I get really spaced out. I then get full body weakness, and then I start getting severe cramping in my upper right abdomen with twitching and jerked my in my limbs. The cramping gets worse, and every time it cramps, the symptoms get worse until my body goes completely rigid then convulses. I get really nauseated with all this too. I typically keep having the cramping, twitching/jerking, rigidity, and convulsions for 30 min-1hour. Then once things calm down I get REALLY exhausted and then a migraine. I have seen my neurologist, who referred me to the epilepsy specialist. They want me to go inpatient for 5 days of continuous monitoring EGG to see if they can capture what’s going on (probably I won’t have any as I won’t be dealing with my daily stressors to trigger the episodes).
My question is, has anyone had these symptoms as a migraine aura? I had them in the past, and I was told it was complex migraine with aura. But it just seems bizarre to me to have episodes that mimic seizures.

  1. Hi Sharebear,

    Thank you for sharing your difficult journey with us. I am sorry to hear your episodes, that must be unnerving.

    Happy to hear you've spoken with your doctor and are following up with things. I can tell you some people experience facial and extremity tingling and numbness with a migraine attack, but convulsions aren't common. There does seem to be a link between migraine and epilepsy, which you can read more about here; You may also want to share this with your doctor.

    Good luck with the testing, and please let me know how you make out,

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