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Anyone have short bursts of throbbing pain in a blood vessel in their temple?

  1. Hi there , Thanks so much for your question today! As you wait for possible feedback from the community regarding their experiences with this symptom, I thought I'd share this article as it discusses many of the nerves in which are impacted within the temple area during an attack -
    Take care,
    Joanna ( Team)

    1. Thank you everyone who replied. Joanna, the article was very interesting. I have gone to the dentist with tooth pain, only to be told there is nothing wrong with my teeth. My father had bad headaches and trigeminal pain, both ascribed to a blood vessel malformation he had on his brainstem. Now I wonder if it wasn't migraines.

  2. Wow! Just Wow! Thank you for pointing to that article Joanna.

    CutieCarol (Love the handle),

    I don’t know about short bursts of pain, but I do know that I do get pain in one of my temples during a migraine. If I don’t catch it in time an attack with start in an eye with the same spot on the back of my neck. The pain will then radiate to one of my temples and into my ear (the worst type of pain).

    So, I guess the short answer is yes and no. I feel for you. Temple pain is the worst.

    1. yes I have and it feels like a little blood clot pushed its way thru

      1. Yes I get a quick shot of pain that goes through my temple. I have to push on my temple and it bends me over at the time of the pain but it doesn't last long just a second or two. I asked my specialist about it and he said that it's just something that goes along with migraine.

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