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Sinus Infection as a result of migraine

Haven't posted here in a while but I've been having a specific issue for the last few months.

I basically get menstrual migraines and the last 2 months I've noticed that I've developed sinus pain and pressure (not headache though) after the migraine episode ends (usually with a very painful migraine right at the end). Last month it was sinus pain and pressure that wasn't too bad. But this time it seems to have developed into a full-blown sinus infection, as the left side sinuses are very much in pain right now and I can't eat on that side because it's affecting the gum and teeth on the upper left side (and, no, it's not dental issues - I had that checked a while back, got the dental work I needed and everything has been just fine up until now).

Has anyone else experienced this post-migraine sinus infection?


  1. Hi Tam,

    I'm so sorry that you're experiencing sinus pain and pressure after your migraines. As if the migraines weren't bad enough 🙁 Not to mention that it's affecting your ability to eat on that side. Have you been able to visit an Ears, Nose & Throat specialist to look further into the issue?

    You might be able to relate to this post which talks about sinus infection being a trigger for migraine: I hope this helps.

    -Sarah ( Team Member)

    1. Hi Tam,

      Nice to hear from you again! I am sorry you are hurting. If you think it's a sinus infection, it's probably best to speak with your doctor so it can be treated. Typically sinus infections include a fever and discolored nasal discharge.

      Sinus pressure, pain and discomfort can also be migraine attack symptoms. In fact I've also had such pain in my teeth and sinus that I wasn't able to chew on the effected side as well. Very frustrating, but it passes after the migraine attack.

      I hope you are feeling better,


      1. Thanks so much, Sarah and Nancy! I did go to the doctor on Monday and he agreed it was a sinus infection. Got Cefdinir but it turns out I'm one in the 2% that gets bad headaches from it 🙁. Not surprising with the chronic migraines. I went back to the doctor and got Azithromycin this morning and it's already making me feel much better.


        1. Tam, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling much better with the Azithromycin. It's good you were able to go back to your doctor for that treatment. Wishing you continued relief from the sinus infection. -Sarah ( Team Member)

        2. Good to hear, Tam. I bet you'll be feeling better in no time!


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