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Sleepy Post Migraine

Anyone else get need extra sleep after a migraine episode? It's like my brain is just drained! Anyone know why this is? The brain seems to need recharging or something!!

  1. Hi cantseestraight,

    You're absolutely correct! Many of us need extra sleep to recover from a migraine attack. Postdrome, or the last phase of a migraine attacks can last up to 48 hours, maybe more. Symptoms can include but are not limited to fatigue, moodiness, difficulty concentrating, happiness and others. Let me share this article on the four phases of a migraine attack with you;

    I hope that helps,

    1. Thank you! I clicked on the postdrome linke in there and that describes it PERFECTLY, "Migraine Hangover" Not only do I feel a sensitive scalp, but sometimes a knot in my head I'm guessing where the nerves have affected the muscle. So glad to have found this community. Thanks a ton!

      1. Yes. I get that too. For me, I am constantly tired and I think that is because my body is constantly dealing with migraines.

        1. Hi k_nelson,

          Thanks for sharing that with us. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to discuss having a sleep study done with your doctor? Keeping a regular sleep schedule is important for those of us with migraine disease and there could be sleep issue you're not aware of. When I had my sleep study done we discovered I had restless leg and periodic limb movement disorder that interrupted my sleep, hence triggering morning migraine attacks. Something to think about at any rate.

          A women in my face to face support group had a sleep study done and has sleep apnea. Since wearing her CPAP she has been able to reduce her migraine attack frequency.

          Let me know what you think,

          1. Thanks for your thoughts Nancy. That is all very interesting. I do wake up occasionally from my limbs moving. Sometimes if I lay in bed for a while trying to get to sleep I will have odd movements in my leg or arm. I assume it happens more often, but I just sleep through it. I wonder if this would be from working out or something more.
            Thanks for sharing.

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