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Social security disability

Anyone considering applying for SSD don't give up hope. I applied in September and received a letter of eligibility two months later. No attorney involved. The information I received from this wonderful site helped me more than anything on what and how to complete the forms. Concentrate on how your migraine disease effects your ability to work and even so far as completing every day tasks.
Take care,

  1. Thanks for that info Sheri! I didn't think they would even look at Migraine, a lo of people seem to think it's "just a headache".


    1. Thank you Sheri! That information is refreshing to hear.


      1. I am a Registered Nurse who for years, decades, suffered from rotten smells, headaches, migranes and went back and forth to Ear, Nose and Throat doctors to Neurologists to get diagnosed with a sever sinus infection that abcessed and festerd for 8+ years before surgical intervention as the pressure of the abscess was causing the bone around my left eye socket to erode! When they operated and drained this fronal sinus abcess, my brain started leaking spinal fluid out of my sinus cavity and they had to patch that and I still have chronic fluid leak as well as horrible neuralgia from all the years of the nerves in my head and throat be compressed by this abcess, so I had to quit my patient care part of nursing and go on Morphine for the pain it was so bad...I tried everything from the triptans to gaba to lavage and lidocaine swish and spit, but in the end was totally medically disabled due to this horrible pain and nerve damaged that was MIS-DIAGNOSED as chronic MIGRANES, so people if you have sinus issues as well as sinus head aches that are labeled Migranes and are affected by the weather and stress and such dig a little deeper with your MD and make sure you dont have underlying sinus disease, as well as Migranes, I have beed disabled for 7 years now because of the misdiagnosis and the cranial/facial nerve damage is permanen. I miss my job so much and now deal with he stigma of my own medical professionals being judgemental because I am on Narcotic Pain Management for life. thanks for reading this, it is a great site and cource of knowledge for all of us. Sincerely, Colleen

        1. Wow, Colleen, I am so sorry to hear of your situation. That is extreme. I always feel like no one is looking in 'the right place' when it comes to my migraines. In the throes of a bad one all I can think is, 'This cannot be normal'. I haven't been able to breathe through my nose in God knows how long, and most, but not all of the headaches seem to originate in my sinuses. Lately I've noticed constant photo-sensitivity headache or not. This whole thing is so confusing and I'm convinced that the MDs just take shots in the dark. I have been referred to a neurologist, finally. Deep down I already know that's not going give any answers, but will cost a lot of money
          Stay strong, Colleen, don't lose hope. You never know when something good may come in the form of better treatment for your situation. I'll keep you in my prayers, and hope the best.

          Warm Regards,


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