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Soothe Away Device

Has any one tried the Soothe Away thermal device? It can be used for either hot or cold (though I use only cold therapy on my head) and sells for a whopping $299 on Amazon, plus the price of the pads for forehead and back of the neck.

This sounds terrific if it really works at keeping a constant temperature, if both pads can be used at the same time, if the pads stay in place without slipping, and if it can stand up to years of use. Can anyone address these issues?

I'm alone much of the time, and getting up to switch out ice packs is often intolerable, then of course the ice packs are often uncomfortably lumpy, and then they drip in your eyes, etc, etc. You guys all know what's up with that.
So if this Soothe Away thing does what it says and fulfills the issues I raised in the 2nd paragraph, it's worth the megabucks to purchase it.
I appreciate your comments!

  1. Hi Jules2dl,

    I can understand your hesitancy about the product at that price, but most of the Soothe Away reviews are positive. It seems the pads don't slip and one pad is specifically designed for migraine/headache pain.

    There is a prescription form you may be interesting in "sharing" with your doctor in hopes your insurance company will help pay for this device.

    Seeing as this product has only been available since 2010 or so, there really isn't information whether it "can stand up to years of use."

    I hope this helps somewhat,


    1. Thanks Nancy;
      Actually, it looked to me on Amazon that there is one pad for the occipital area and one pad for the forehead. It would be awesome if both could be used at one time.
      I will ask my dr for a script.
      Thanks much,

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