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SphenoCath Experiences

1. Has anyone had any experience with SphenoCath?
2. Do you know of a doc in the Midwest that has a track record?


  1. Hi DadOhio,

    Thank you for your questions, let me see what I can do to help.

    Although I've not had this procedure, I do know some people have found temporary relieve from migraine pain from it. We have information on this procedure here;

    We don't have a list of doctor who perform this, I'm sorry to say. You'd have to do a bit of research on that.

    I'd also like to mention if you've not seen a "true" migraine/headache disorder specialists, I would encourage you to do so. These doctors are different from neurologists in that they are board certified in headache medicine which is different than being certified in neurology. Neurologists may be fine doctors, but have a hard time being experts in one area because they treat so many different conditions such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's and others. Migraine/headache experts treat one condition all day, every day migraine and headache. Let me share this information with you on how these doctors are different and how to find one;

    Keep us posted on how you are doing,

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