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Spring Cleaning

What challenges do you face keeping the house clean or staying on top of chores due to migraine? Do you have any DIY cleaning recipes that you can share with us? What is your least favorite or most difficult chore to do?

We'd love to hear from you!

  1. Hi Joanna,

    I hate cleaning and avoid it at all costs. I find it exhausting and usually end up in more pain. My answer would be to hire a cleaning person!


    1. Dust and smells are my personal enemies. Therefore I've basically, made my house a self-cleaning house. The house no longer has carpet. I have placed curio's behind glass, use a rainbow vac, don't used scented products. Have leather and wood furniture instead of upholstered. Clutter is kept to a minimum. Wash bedding in hot water and use unscented cleaning products. Use gloves and dishwasher. Remove shoes upon entering home.Vac dust or damp dust. Dehumidifier active. Change air filters at least once a month. All clothing etc has a home, place, purpose. Quick sweeps of area at least 2 times a day keeps clutter down. If I have a bad day or day where I must let things go, good is good enough, things don't have to be perfect. Always take a shower and wash hair before going to bed. Family helps. I've a dozen quick diy meals the family can make if I'm not up to it. Ear plugs, dark eye mask, ice pack and heat pack. Just bought a new back massage machine to help relax painful muscles that preclude or linger after an attack. I don't use storage boxes in my storage building, I use plastic storage containers, less dusty. Cleaners--white vinegar & distilled water, original Dawn, unscented All, Bleach, baking soda, peroxide.

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    2. Hi sharing_s_caring,

      Great tips - thank you for sharing them with us! We're glad you're here.


      1. I have dogs so i have to stay current in dusting and vacuuming. I also wash my dogs at least once or twice a month. I wash all blankets bedding and towels. I try to do a little each day so it doesnt get overwelming. Then when i have a headache attack i can take care of myself.

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