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Strobe Effect

Does anyone have issues with strobe effects triggering migraine? On my morning commute, I have to deal with tree shadows going across the highway, causing a strobe effect. And I'm starting to notice that mornings where the sun is shining and the shadows are prominent, I end up with a migraine not long after getting to work. Does anyone else have similar issues?

  1. I was wondering this as well; it's definitely a prominent trigger for me though I've noticed a lack of literature on strobe lights as a migraine trigger.

    1. Yes I have had migraines for 10 years and have found that dimly lt rooms or lighting that puts a lot of stress ok the eyes can cause me to have a migraine. I actually have good vision but for whatever reason the lighting triggers it

      1. Flourescent lighting also is terrible. I would come home from elementary scchool daily with a migraine when dr.s said children didn't get migranes. thank goodness my mom also suffered with migranes. in high school my eye dr. suggested I get transition glasses, for those not familiar these are glasses in normal lighting appear normal glasses in sunlight turn to sunglasses also in flourescent lighting change to sunglasses, Didn;t totally eliminate but did lessen a wee bit. so Now I autimatically wear prescription sun glasses when gonna be in flourescent lighting . in my home was an office turned into a home only had flourescent lights, had to remove almost all lights replace with lamps. Also the strobe effect does trigger migraines as explained above my eye dr. totally agreed when I brought this up, he recommended prescription sunglasses. I found even closing eyes didn; save me from that effect.

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