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Sunglasses for Migraines

Curious to know has anyone tried/used sunglasses that work more effective while having a migraine? If so where did/do you purchase them from?

  1. Great question! I am sure others will be along shortly to share their feedback & experiences with glasses for migraine, but in the meantime I wanted to share some information. A few brands that are commonly discussed by our community as being helpful are TheraSpecs and Axon Optics. Here is an overview on tinted glasses. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi there- I'll also add this video link- the comment section following the video is alive with ideas from community members about how they handle light sensitivity. I hope this will help you. Thanks for the question.

      1. After trying the darkest sunglasses available on the market (and they didn't work), I went to a neuro-optometrist. The combination of Fl-41 tinted glasses with anti-glare and sunglass clip on's with polarization, I am finding some relief! Going to an eye doctor that knows migraines is key! Good luck, I hope you find relief.

        1. Strangely enough I use the free ones that eye doctors give you after they dialate your eyes. You know, the ugly ones that roll up. You just unroll them and slide them behind your regular glasses. I like them because they block the light from the sides and the can be tucked away in your pocket so you have them at all times. I also wear a cap to shade from above. I have to wear this just about every time I go outside since bright sunlight can bring on a migraine for me.

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