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Surprising relief

I was bawling my eyes out due to the worse cutaneous allyodynia I have ever dealt with. It felt like boiling water was being poured on my head.

Run around house looking for anything that may help ..... grabbed my sample of a hip and joint cooling relief gel by espree (marketed for relief of arthtris and sore muscles for dogs) .... squirted some on my head and INSTANT RELIEF of the burning pain.

Man they need to market this for humans! May actually work for others as well. Now just to see how long the affect lasts ... 29 minutes and still going strong.

I have tried pure essential oil (helps for 30 seconds), ice (to painful to place on the head), heat (makes it worse), extra pain meds - triptans, toradol etc (makes no difference and opioids make it worse) .... normally I have to deal with it for about 2 full days after a migraines and when you have 2-3 per week .....

The ingridents are simple (and thus safe for humans to use): aloe Vera, isopropyl alcohol, salicylic acid, methyl salicylate, menthol crystals, camphor, primrose extract, daffodil extract, Angelica extract, Japanese green tea, balm mint.

Anyone want to market something like this? Could make tons of money ....😀

  1. Hi Tamara,

    Thank you for sharing that with us! I'm so glad it helped with your pain.

    Maybe someone will be along and jump on your idea!!

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