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Talking about migraine being a trigger

Hi, Am I the only one who gets a migraine only talking about it ? When people ask me if I'm better. I cut the discussion short ..Or, sometimes just being on this site a few minutes, although I love it and find it so useful.. talking to my doctor about it , can be enough to trigger. ?

  1. Hi Akalie,

    Great question! Migraine disease stigma is very real and this article discusses it in great detail;

    Anticipatory stress, I'm not sure if that is an official name for a type of stress but can be very real, is when we anticipate a migraine attack will occur and dwell on it. That in turn may possibly trigger a migraine attack. Dr. Silberstein discussed this last year at one of the migraine and headache disease scientific conferences I was able to attend last year.

    I'm sure others will be along to share their experiences with you.


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