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Teens with Migraine

What are some ways to equip your teen if they suffer from migraine? Beyond doctor visits, what helps to comfort them until an attack passes? I'm sure there are lots of tips and wisdom to be shared!

  1. I believe they are lots of tips which almost always helps to comfort every migraine patient during an attack. One could use both hot and cold compresses on the temple at intervals. Keep away all sources of trigger if any. An elevated or comfortable neck position. A cold, dark, quiet and airy room is required for bed rest. Best of all, if the aura is noticed in time and your prescribed medication is taken, it prevents the attack altogether.

    But we all know that these medicines are effective 6 out of 10 occasions. So for teens around us, it's best to take note of their moods every now and then. I hope this helps.

    1. , those are some great tips! Thank you for sharing them. Staying on top of an attack is so important. Unfortunately, not many up-to-date medications are approved for use by teens(under 1😎. My husband uses a Nerivio device which he also uses on our 17-year-old, and she seems to respond well to it. She is also on topiramate as a preventative and rizatriptan for an abortive. I've also noticed a correlation between attack cycles and her monthly cycles. Migraine is awful, and we hate seeing our children suffer through them. I hope you have an awesome day! Warmly, Cheryl team

  2. as a 26 year old former teen, myself. I feel like I would have loved some attention given to my symptoms. My parents were always super understanding, but migraine was just barely out of their wheelhouse. They never thought I was deliberately faking my symptoms. But I didn't end up seeing an actual neurologist until I was 18, after my first aura. Finding relief meds, or relief alternatives, would have been nice from the get go. I have spent much of my adult life so far trying to make up for lost time! It's always great to tackle neurological issues early. Now I have to wait a half a year for a test opening! Such is life. ~ Sawyer ( team)

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