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Temp. Changes cause Hemiplegic

Migraine symptoms Everytime I go from big jumps in temperatures for one. Going off Topiramate because I was on 250mg BID and it was making really depressed and suicidal. So he dropped it to 100mg Bid and better emotionally, but the migraines are causing me to losing some movement in leg for knee every time I go inside to outside or outside to inside. Been brain dead at times to the point I had trouble saying what I was reading. When I get an episode it like all the energy is sapped out of me and bode. One leg or arm or both get like paralyzed. Plus the migraines come usually one or twce a day?

  1. Actually I was having one when I wrote that post. I get paralyzed normally in whole leg and arm partly or all the way. It is like all the energy is sapped out of my brain and the rest of body. I just feel drained. For me it does not last long about 5 or 10 minutes of being paralyzed and in that time it slowly gets better. Like I said it happens every time I go from big temperature changes, not just once or twice day.

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