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the dark side of the light!!!

aura for 30 years. like an explorer i have written down the result of my caring investigation:
#1 light (screen of tv, laptop, tablet, etc)
#2 working on the muscles of the neck
#3 general tension and lack of sleep

has anyone ever tried something giving hope for this terrible forms of light? medication, natural remedy or anything else?
i have tried many glasses,anti blu light, yellowish, but without success.

my big emotional hug to everybody....


  1. Hi stefano,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us - we're glad you're here!

    I see you mentioned you've tried various glasses, but I wonder if you've tried glasses that are specifically designed for people with light sensitivity? These glasses may be different than those you've already tried, let me share that information with you; and

    What do you think?

    1. Hi Stefano,

      I am horribly light-sensitive as well. Mine is so bad that even a one-second exposure to man-made light triggers a migraine. I do not go to stores any more (there' no point) and only go where there are lights to go to the doctor (wearing two blindfolds, plus a fleece wrap, plus a scarf over my eyes, plus FL-41 polarized sunglasses. (Yes, the light gets through and my brain burns if I remove any of those and am under fluorescents. It's fun being me.)

      Things that might work for you:

      If you are not as sensitive as me (ie you can stand some man-made light) try switching all the light-bulbs in your house to incandescents. Those are the least irritating. Do not "dim" lights. Dimming works by making the bulb flicker more to reduce the brightness. This irritates migraine brains. In our house, we leave all lights off all the time, unless my husband is in a room without me, where he closes the door, and use natural light.

      Computer/TV: Had to give up watching TV. Learn to like books. The first year sucked, then I didn't miss it any more. Computer: they make screens that go over your screen and filter light, they make LED screens that don't refresh much and also can have the blue turned down (none of these options work for super-sensitive me, but they might for you.) What works for super-sensitive me is a screen that emits NO light and DOES NOT REFRESH at all. It is an e-ink screen made by Dasung. So basically it's the same as the old Kindles. You can't do super fancy things because it freaks out if the screen tries to move too fast (like a video or something) but you can go on the internet, type, connect to humanity, etc, and it has been a lifesaver to me, since I am essentially home-bound at the moment.

      I am happy the FL-41's work for so many people. I have 5 different pairs, and wear them faithfully every day as instructed by the second of my three neuro-opths. They do nothing for me in man-made light. I am unfortunately in the small percentage of people they are ineffective for.

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