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The difference between complaining and stating a fact

I try not to complain about my Migraines, as a matter of fact for years my coworkers never knew that I suffered from them. The reason I never said anything was that I was always told that "no one wants to hear you complain" so I didn't say anything. Because of this people thought that I was irritable, spacey, cranky and/or sad when really I was in pain. If asked "how are you?" I would always reply "fine" with a big smile on my face. That has stopped! It took me years to realize that I could state the fact that I had a migraine and not be complaining. Now, when a coworker ask how I am, I am likely to say "I have a migraine today, but I'm OK to work". This gives them a better understanding of what's going on with me, and why I may be more quiet or a little spacey on a particular day. It also lets my managers know that it may not be a good idea to ask me to climb a ladder to get something of the top shelf in the stock room. 😉
So, I will only complain here, where people understand why I may need to rant a bit. That being said, here's my rant...

I have not be able to get my migraine pain under control this winter, my neck and shoulder hurt and it's cold out. I have to drive my daughter to an appointment in Boston (we live about 20 miles away), it snowed last night and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with my dog.

OK, rant over! Thanks for listening and have the best day that you can 😀

  1. Hi Carolelaine,

    We'll listen to your rant anytime! This is a safe place to express your feelings to people who understand!

    You've brought up an excellent topic - when to disclose and when not to disclose a migraine attack. I really like your answer, "I have a migraine but I'm OK to work". This let's people know you're not great, but are "OK" enough to carry on.

    Thanks for sharing!

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