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The Weather

For the most part, l'm doing OK on preventives except that every time rain in coming, l wake up with a dull pain around my skull that eventually progressed to a left side migraine.

There have been months when l was mostly non functional, now into the rainy season l'm already 3 pills into Imitrex prescription.

It really affect my functioning.

Anyone found a medication that works for sensitivity like this? l'm allergic to just about everything, so allergy meds can take the edge off but won't prevent the migraine.

An ENT once said this symptom is allergic migraine, prescribed me Astelin but no nasal sprays or antihistamines eliminate it

  1. Should have posted this in Trigger & Causes

    1. Hi MaryTyler,

      We have information on weather trigger migraine attacks you may find helpful here; and

      Let me know what you think!

      1. weather is a tough trigger to manage! I totally get how frustrating it is when you can't find anything to combat this trigger. I live in Florida and the weather here can be down right brutal at times on my head. I haven't found anything that will get rid of the sensitivity unfortunately. I find some relief with ice packs and a dark room. Hot tea is also comforting to me. I wish I could have given you the secret to success here but I can only sympathize with you.

        1. Weather changes are a trigger for many. Some weather sites and apps include a migraine forecast.

          More tips and info:

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