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Thinking of you in the snow storm

I'm sitting in the darkest, coolest room I can find on an extremely hot and humid SE Queensland Sunday afternoon, with no prospect of a refreshing thunderstorm. It would be fair to say I'm cowering, and dreading the thought of going to work tomorrow morning.
The news is full of the US snow storm. My US friends can barely open their doors, some have wondered why they bothered clearing their driveways and paths when the snow so quickly re-covered their work.
I'm thinking of all of you, who fare less well when there's cold, glare, poor light, damp, fewer opportunities for exercise... And lots of little things I don't know about, having never lived with ice and snow.
Stay as well as you can! Stay warm, and dry! Stay positive and reassured the misery will end, and you'll be yourself again. I promise!
I'm sending you sunshine 😀 and warm hugs xox

  1. Hi JOJ,

    Thank you for your kind words!

    Take good care,

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