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Tiger Balm!

Hello migraine friends, my name is Sandra and I am new here.
Treatment of migraine is for me an ongoing journey, but I do have one really good tip that works for me.
I am not a doctor, so please take your own precautions when trying this- don't use on broken or sensitive skin or in eye area for example!!
My tip is the use of tiger balm- in a very specific way!.In a similar way to peppermint oil, tiger balm has cooling and soothing attributes that I use in the following way-at home or elsewhere: migraine approaches- I use the strong version of tiger balm and rub it generously on my shoulders, neck and even up to the hairline- naturally be careful not to get it into our eyes or mouth.And tie up your hair! I sometimes wear a shower cap! I use then a thin, wet towel and place it on my shoulders and neck where I applied TB. On top I place a soft large dry towel to avoid staining and drenching of clothes or bed linen. In a few minutes the magic starts ( at least for me!) - a strong cooling sensation (shouldnt be painful, more tingling) that numbs successfully the area , spreading all the way up to the head and also helps me with the nausea since it smells quite strong. Maybe it is not everyones pair of shoes but it helps me so much.
Have a lovely day!

  1. Hi Sandraj,

    Thank you so much for sharing that with us - we're glad you're here!

    What a great way to use Tiger Balm! I've not heard that before and may give it a try. I know people use it under their nose to help ease offending odors, but your tip sounds terrific!


    1. Hi Sandraj! Thanks for the tip I’m going to try this !
      Thanks Kerry

      1. Hi kmaxwell2,

        Let us know how it works out for you!


        1. I use it too. I rub on the spots that hurt the most. Inhaling it. A few deep inhalations helps. This is for the onset or the beginning of a migraine, Not a full blown one.

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