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Tired of migraines

I have had migraines now for about 8 years. They started out very few and far between, but I would have them. Now they’ve gotten to where I’m having them 2-3 times a week, and sometimes for days. The longest I’ve had one has been 3 days. I have no aura, the pain is all over at times, and a pounding and throbbing. I do get the light sensitivity, and nauseousness. I’ve tried a lot of meds. Propanolol, triptans, fiorcet, nurtec, max alt, imitrex, topomax, trokendi er,and ajovy shot, some have worked then stopped, others nothing and one made my heart race. It seems that I cannot get relief. It’s very miserable. I’ve been to one neurologist and he said it was my blood pressure. However, I’ve never had bp problems before. Plus I felt like the dr didn’t even listen to me, so I’ve been trying to find another one. No one has done a cat scan on my head, when I go to the er for my migraines, they just pump me
Full of meds and send me home. Most of the time, I have to argue with them to give me something for anxiety too cuz the meds they give me raises my anxiety horribly. I feel like Im trapped in my life and no one will listen to me. Has anyone else gone thru this much meds and nothings helped?!

  1. , I just hear your frustration and I understand! Yes, I have been through having treatment after treatment after treatment only to have them all fail. I did find some success finally with the CGRP meds, and I learned that each of them work a bit differently from the other. I have had meds work at one point and then not work later. Currently I am in a stable place but I remember how it felt to feel hopeless and feel like the medical community wasn't listening to me. I hope you are able to find something that does help (we all respond differently to each treatment). In the meantime, please know you have our support and come here any time you just need someone to listen, we are here for you. Warmly, Melanie (team member)

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