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Top Migraine Docs in country

Does anyone know of a list of the Top Migraine Doctors in the Country? or does anyone have an opinion about that?

We have the list from Migraine Research Foundation, but are wondering which docs are considered the best -- particularly with regard to refractory migraine.

Also, we would need someone who treats teenagers. We currently see the only Certified Headache/Migraine specialist in our state that sees children. If the current protocol does not work to abort my daughter's refractory migraine that she's had since 1/6, we are thinking it may be time to seek a second opinion.


  1. Hi A,

    We don't necessarily recommend one doctor per se, but can provide you a list of doctors who are board certified in headache medicine and treat children. You can find this link at The Migraine Research Foundation;

    It's true you may have to travel, but it will probably be well worth it. Let us know who you select, OK?

    1. How about everyone who has been treated by a headache specialist who actually suffers from migraines themselves post their contact information here? I realize I'm looking for the rare instance of someone whose migraines became much worse after medical school / residency because the number of migraineurs who can fight their way through from the start is extremely low, and we all know why. A friend told me he was treated by a doctor who suffered herself but of course when I asked for her contact info he told me she was already retired. I've been seen by a couple of doctors who didn't suffer but made an honest effort to learn (Navy and VA severely limit my options) but I've met more who already thought they new more than enough to treat migraineurs and were woefully uninformed.

      1. Brian,
        I know that Dr. Jason Rosenberg at Johns Hopkins' Headache Center suffers from Migraines as well as treats patients. I have personally never been treated by him, so this is not an endorsement.

    2. Thanks jmflann, unfortunately I'm in TN so DC is a pretty severe commute.

      1. jmflann,
        If you don't hold a national office there is no way you could have noticeably insulted DC!

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